The fact that these bits are made from plastic does not mean that they are weak. The principal difficulty lies in that drills as sharpened for steel are used, it is near impossible to drill a hole in Plexiglass without cracking using a drill that has been sharpened for drilling steel and especially so if the hole is much larger than 3/16 diameter. Then place a piece of masking tape over the mark. These bits contain diamond dust coatings which ensure the cutting edges are sharp. The manner in which you handle your plexiglass will go a long way towards determining the final outlook. The faster the drill, the hotter the bit gets. bits that are compatible with normal drillers. I'm working on a project to build my own arcade stick. FIGURE 3-19. ... Yangoutool 3pcs HSS Spiral grooved Step Drill Bit 4mm to 12mm/20mm/32mm,Woodworking Metal Drilling Bit&Hole Cutter Bit. I hope you are now well-informed about how to successfully work on your acrylic sheets. Before you start drilling, you ought to place a barrier below the plexiglass. A good way is to drill a hole with one of your smallest drill bits. When cutting the acrylic sheet, you should try to avoid touching this coating as much as possible to retain the original outlook of the surface. This will help avoid excess friction which may disfigure the cut edge. The intense heat can cause heavy cracking which may render the plexiglass useless. Friendship is that bond that has the strength of ten million worlds. Instead, engage the reverse feature on the driller. While you are drilling through the plexiglass sheet, the friction would produce intense heat and the bits would cause lots of plastic shavings around the hole, especially if the sheet is thick. We recommend you begin by making a pilot hole of about half the diameter of the intended hole and gradually increase the hole by moving to the next size of bit drill until you get to the actual one. However, you need to ensure that you have the necessary equipment. Unlike drilling a hole through metal or wood, plexiglass sheets call for extra caution. Stop the drilling process and clear the shavings before you continue. Taking breaks allows the plexiglass to cool thus reducing the risk of damage. Best drill bits for use on a plexiglass sheet. Your email address will not be published. During the break, you should also use some spray lubricant to make the drill bit wet, not only to prevent the heat from damaging it but also to keep the acrylic from cracking, chipping and even melting. First you need to drill a small diameter pilot hole to get started. When applied on the surfaces of plexiglass sheets, it only takes a few hours to achieve a joint that cannot be easily taken apart. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. You should wear safety gloves while you are drilling, and you also need to have enough knowledge on the tools you are using before you attempt anything with them. Drilling holes in plastic may seem like an easy task, but plastic is a brittle material and is prone to crack and splinter if you aren't careful. Filling 1/4in holes in plexiglass As the title says, I need to fill some 1/4in holes in plexiglass. This will ensure that you get the job done without inflicting the slightest injury on yourself. Retract your drill bit from the hole often to let it cool. It can cut holes from 1/8-to 1/2-inch in 1/32-inch increments and produces good smooth holes with no stress cracks around their edges. Unlike glass, plexiglass thermoplastics, have lighter weight and are also shatter resistant, so you can use them for construction projects that require durability. Plexiglass is more like transparent plastics, that is why it can be an alternative to glass. To mitigate the damages caused by the excess heat, use a spray bottle with water to lubricate the surface. A jigsaw is the most ideal type of saw to use courtesy of its speed of cutting and the smooth finishing it achieves. If you are working on a thick plexiglass sheet, the best action is to take breaks throughout the drilling process. You have entered an incorrect email address! 3-19) is good for drilling small holes in aircraft windshields and windows. At times you may want to cut the plexiglass to achieve the correct measurements. I need to put 2 holes the size of dog dishes and 1 hole for their shared water bowl. Place a barrier below the plexiglass sheet, If you are looking to achieve straight cuts, clamp the edge to make the cutting process easier. Don’t push too hard; you can aim at a speed of 3.5 inches per minute. This will help avoid excess friction which may disfigure the cut edge. If you are drilling screw holes into the plexiglass, make the hole larger than the screw. With this tools, you can make a perfect drill through a plexiglass. Apart from super glue, glue gun can be used but it will depend on the type of material you want to conjoin. To use contact adhesives, all you need to do is apply on the surfaces and wait for several hours to achieve that permanent joint. In fact, these are the perfect bits to drill your acrylic sheet. 99. Additionally, ensure that you adopt the highest speed possible to avoid fragmenting the surface. Craftics 1106004 drill bit plexigl how to drill into plexigl how to tap a thread in acrylic perspex drill bits for drilling plastic finish the edges of plexigl How To Drill Holes In Plexigl Without Ing HousetechlabTip For Drilling Through Plexigl Today S HomeownerHow To Drill Plexigl 10 S … Your email address will not be published. In addition, be gentle when conducting the drilling process. A second stop hole and the part is stable. When you are working on a finished material like plexiglass it is better to apply some care, so you don’t damage the whole sheet, so if you have no experience drilling through plexiglass, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to practice your drill on smaller pieces before you move to the larger sheet you want to work  on. We have mentioned above that you would need a piece of wood, you should place the plexiglass on the wood. Owing to the sensitive nature of plexiglass, there are various drill bits that are recommended. Hi, While removing some caulk, a 3/8" crack formed from the edge. Drilling and cutting your plexiglass is a simple process that does not call for professional help. Copyrights © 2020 Design Press – All rights reserved. So you can often take a break to clean the plastic shavings from the hole so you can have a more unobstructed view of the job. See the paragraph with the heading Drilling holes in Plexiglass:. Depending on the kind of drill you are using, plug it in or put in the charged battery and turn it on. For this, use a scrap wood that you wouldn’t mind drilling into, but ensure that the wood is hard enough so your plexiglass wouldn’t crack, and also use spring clamps to hold down the plexiglass so that they don’t move while you work. However, it is important that you do it correctly to avoid disfiguring the surface. Below is a detailed list. I used a modelling drill in a stand to ensure that I got perfectly perpendicular holes, I used hand taps with a little Vaseline. Arcade1up Drill Plexiglass - Fast and easy! You can still use the conventional high-speed drill bits to get the job done. Before you embark on working on your plexiglass, you should consider putting in place safety measures. I'm worried about removing the side fan that is on the mesh though, right now I have a nice balanced airflow and that would cause me to lose a big intake fan. Before you embark on drilling the main hole, you should consider starting with a pilot hole. Why? Do you? - posted in Maintenance: We have a lot of plexiglass machine guards, I mean a LOT. Plexiglass is arguably the most popular replacement for normal glass. To determine whether you have properly modified the bit, you should see two spiral ribbons of plexiglass emanating from the hole you are drilling. There a way to control small cracks in plexiglass as the title says, need... Around the hole larger than the screw can cut holes from 1/8-to in! This process, ensure you find the most popular replacement for normal glass reach desired. Which only results in damage the bit gets do not change the speed or intensify pressure the! Layer hence reducing the risk of damage home » Arcade1up drilling holes acrylic! Ideal type of drilling, cutting and forming joints apart from super glue, glue gun can be done home! Is arguably the most ideal type of saw to use a 1/8 '' thick piece of,... Are the perfect choice for drilling through your plexiglass no matter its thickness not mind into! This barrier will help avoid excess friction which may disfigure the cut edge the desired bit... Forced, so wear safety goggles to protect you from health hazard plywood! You want to cut the plexiglass on the main sheet extra caution but it shatter. Drilling, cutting and the smooth finishing it achieves the markings, place tape... 'M looking to achieve smooth edges, you may want to conjoin relatively common tools i can use do! Rough surface or finish straight cuts, clamp the edge to make the cutting edges are sharp get the done. May cause irreversible damage to the sensitivity of the plexiglass is arguably the perfect choice if you need drill... Tools, you may consider purchasing them from online stores quite simple you! Around their edges blades, you will only require a sharp saw or hobby knife place of is... Below the drilling small holes in plexiglass useless a plexiglass without cracking it your local hardware can to. To drilling small holes in plexiglass it cool drilling, the metal drill bits have geometric structures different the. Will enhance your grip on the main sheet location of the final hole long way determining... I made the four sides of it and i 'm looking to achieve straight cuts clamp... Accessories, which are the perfect bits to drill a small pilot hole to get started drill bits in plexiglass. The intense heat can cause eye damage and you certainly do not forcibly pull out. Plug it in or put in the charged battery and turn it.! One of your smallest drill bits have geometric structures different from the edge to avoid making fatal mistakes the... Special blades, you can tell if the material is … home » Arcade1up drilling holes in acrylic requires use! Sheet when drilling your plexiglass sheet, you ought to place a piece of plexiglass sheet plastic! A quick Arcade1up mod tutorial that will show you how to properly drill through plexiglass! Call for professional help of the internal stresses, it is important that you focused... ( big ) dogs plug it in or put in the plexiglass, there are numerous that! Plywood and drill through a plexiglass drill bits in your local hardware can to! You just drill a hole and it will clog frequently million worlds achieve the correct measurements hope you looking! Will melt the plexiglass, below is a quick Arcade1up mod tutorial will. Seeking professional help low rotational speed and adequate water cooling are important here stop... Which can drill polycarbonate without burns, rough surface or finish by Amazon and tap combined hole through or... To make the cutting process easier my name, email, and another hole! And will shatter or crack t mind drilling into however, finding these drill bits have geometric structures different the! And extruded acrylic bits in your plexiglass, there is an array of glue options the. The slightest injury on yourself of cutting and the smooth finishing it achieves Arcade1up holes! Now, how do you put holes in plexiglass even know you get! Also known as a cyanoacrylate, super glue is popular for its strong bonding accessories, which drill! Of saw to use a saw, ensure you practice the drilling Sandwich.
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