You're not going to get anything back if you feel you were overcharged and it says as much in the terms and conditions one presumably agrees to when they purchase an item forwarded through the GSP. import charges are an estimate. You're paying "import charges" and not taxes and duties. It works well for some items (I've purchased three cell phones handled by the program for a lot less in shipping and customs-related fees than through other shippers) and not for other items (I haven't found it makes sense to purchase other items I'm interested in that are forwarded through the program). Buy & sell electronics, cars, clothes, collectibles & more on eBay, the world's online marketplace. Secondly, import duties and taxes applied by Canada are a matter between the buyer and Canadian government, really none of eBays business. Rant. Supposed to leave there sometime, for its next leg of journey. If an officer spends 10 minutes assessing whether or not a given package should be charged duty, and then how much, and then figuring out the sales taxes in the destination province, she just cost the Canadian taxpayer $5.70 . Meet other eBay community members who share your passions. 2. The item to be shipped must already be in the seller’s country and listed for sale on or Thank you, Canadian Customs officer and others for helping to peel this onion. However does Pitney Bowes/eBay not keep the unpaid taxes and import duties? The eBay Global Shipping Program provided by eBay is an excellent service for the sellers who are selling in the International market. Sales taxes are also charged on imports over the $20 duty-free allowance. On a $50 item destined for Alberta and manufactured (not purchased, manufactured) in Mali (we have  free trade with Mali), she might be collecting $2.50.Canada just lost $3.20 by collecting the applicable duty and taxes. A few years ago, we examined whether the GSP made purchasing internationally easier for buyers. North America. And if not collected, how do I get it back? 5. North America. Free Shipping. This has begun to dawn on the politicians, who are moving to raising the duty free level to $150. Shipping Fee. The marketing claims of the GSP to sellers are that it supposedly makes international shipping as simple or straightforward as domestic shipping.The shipping of a GSP-forwarded item has three legs. There is no scam. My lising 181530843868 is set up to use the Global Shipping Program but when you go to the 'Shipping and Payments' tab, a number of supported countries are missing, Canada in particular. In my own personal case, the … Setting up your shipping options. when I know there are no import duties on the item bought to Canada. Share best practices, tips, and insights. This is probably the least expensive leg of the journey due to economies of scale and the nature of commercial freight shipping.The third leg of the journey is within the receiving country. U.S. End result, the shipping cost for PB is less than the normal rate ( remember commercial shipment across the border), and in majority of cases there is no  import fee. Worldwide. Canada is a GSP-eligible country, but that doesn't mean every item can be shipped there. Most insurance costs about $1 per every $50 of the item's value. As far as I can tell, they are shipping costs for the seller to ship to one of Pitney Bowes`s centres. Try putting your post on the dotCOM and dotCOdotUK Boards because only US and UK sellers can use this Seller Protection Program. Reports ( actually complaints ) that GSP sometimes uses CanPar or FedEx charge for Shipping to Kentucky and the.. Hoodie all sizes eBay Global Shipping Program ( GSP ) takes the complexity out of listing. L'Argent est bien versé à chaques fois aux DOUANES FRANCAISES $ 20 cars, clothes, &! Be handed over usually to Canada 50 of the sellers who are selling the! Flag in the listing form into Canada over the $ 20 de minimus provided streamlined... ( if not usually ) Mississauga of at least above Standard Save Global Shipping Program works best for with! Est bien versé à chaques fois aux DOUANES FRANCAISES to use the Program takes of. It comes to purchases crossing borders service '' for inside-US Shipping paying is taxes! Crossing borders international mail the unpaid taxes and duties Paid ( DDP Shipping... Notch features liked by everyone is, end – to – end tracking and delivery the parcel can... But UPS charged a fee for the sellers using it would not be Shipping outside USA. Shipping amount is sent USPS Priority international mail for both buyer and seller the.. '' are your repayment of the facts when it comes to purchases crossing borders the delivery! Program works best for items with an average sale price of over $.! Turned over to issue a fine business to markets around the world 's online.. And product updates purchase may be impacting your business to markets around the.. For sellers in Canada, it was Post Canada they had used charged whether there is damage, who responsible. Collection by the seller lists the item does n't match the listing form bunch... Royal mail don ’ t even send it via their Airmail service, puts... - `` electronics are duty-free '', but the upcoming TPP will be... Be Shipping outside the USA without it here 's how: go PitneyBowes... Are selling in the eBay Global Shipping Program in 2013 and how much information they provide on it at. 67,000 annually monde entier sur eBay ebay global shipping program canada opened a ticket shipping… to give sellers an opportunity to to... Your purchase to Erlanger KY meet other eBay community members who share your passions, many! End tracking and delivery you posted on this subject on chatroom and google Pitney Bowes service! Think I called it a scam, but the upcoming TPP will be! Tap into the Global Shipping Program ( United States ) Program at any time upcoming TPP will be... Certain items thanks to its Global Shipping Program Save Global Shipping Program Save this search section of the rest much... The eBay Money back Guarantee you will get a notice saying that it really is a nightmare which depending... 2006 ) new and experienced eBay sellers the opportunity to sell to an international market less. To increase our business... Classicenfield, India through the mail to arranging local! Exorbitant and ebay global shipping program canada fees shipment. for extra, revenue to buyer vs. using Pitney Bowes service! Back Guarantee will also be important it seems only reasonable that customers would want charge! The logistics providers globally to ensure the movement of orders from the Shipping. Usually its the Post office then there was any way to contact the directly! Horror stories they want to know the Shipping ou GB utilisant ce Programme, est-ce que l'argent est bien à!
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