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Focus on Start -Ups:
Unlike most venture capitalists in Ireland, EVP focuses on investing in start-up technology (ICT) companies. EVP provides direct funding (up to €750,000) and an unparalleled level of expertise to help the promoters get to their end goal quicker. All of the commentators in the enterprise arena in Ireland agree that this type of support is what is required to produce the successful companies of the future.

Focus on a limited number of companies:
Our investment strategy is focused on the quality of the company invested in. The substantial funds at the disposal of VCs make it necessary for them to focus on a small number of large deals to validate the process and see adequate returns on their investments.

Our focused approach is based on successful seed investment models in the US and allows us to put more time into the companies in order to either reduce, or totally eliminate the major risks facing the company.

New Business Development:
Research carried out in Ireland among technology companies less than four years old indicates that their biggest challenge lies in developing a strong revenue stream for the company. The reason for this is that their revenue and business models are merely putative and haven't been tested and validated early enough in the life of the company. Three of the four partners in EVP have considerable professional experience with their companies either devising or executing new business development strategies. This experience is backed by qualifications in sales and marketing, with extensive experience of sales in the US, UK and Far East.

Many start-ups have very little idea of the value of their product in the market or the implications of the very complex customer contracts they will be presented with as they begin to meet sales success. EVP gets very involved with the initial sales and the establishment of strong contracts that provide a template for future business growth.

Establishing credible reference points is an essential task for all ICT start-up companies and has a significant impact on revenue generation, market validation, marketing, and the ability to raise finance on reasonable terms.

Unlike many investors that get involved with start-ups, EVP has both its own funds and access to other funds allowing EVP to invest and follow the investment as the company grows. Parallel to this asset is the expertise within the company to raise finance and structure deals that motivate the management and reward the investors. This combination of skills and assets is unique in Ireland and allows the promoters and management to focus on growing the company and not be distracted by issues related to raising finance.

The partners in EVP will also assist client companies with their day to day finances, taking part in planning and in negotiating with the banks. We are fortunate to have both the expertise of dealing with the banks and sound professional relationships with a pool of loan executives who formerly held senior management positions with Irish Banks.

Financial Structures:
EVP has extensive experience in creating Company structures that maximise the reward investors and Promoters derive from the intellectual Property of the Company through intelligent and prudent tax structures and planning.

Product Development:
There are many obvious mistakes made by start-up companies in the development of their products ranging from over engineering their solution to lack of quality control to building a great product with no market. The practical experience and pool of technical expertise that EVP brings to their client companies ensure that products are developed with strong IPR, on time and to the needs of a sufficiently large target market to justify the companies existence. EVP also believes strongly in the protection of IPR and assists start-ups in the creation of strong patents.

Management Team and Company Structure:
The journey from developing a great idea to building a strong company with a solid management team is a long and arduous one for start-up entrepreneurs. From the very beginning of our involvement with a business, EVP work in the company and assist the promoters in building management team. Allied to this, EVP will create a company structure that ensures proper corporate governance of operations and make it easier for the company to IPO or be purchased at some stage in the future.

Apart from the structures and procedures that need to be established, there will always be some crises that emerge from the most unexpected of areas and at the most unexpected time. EVP have a team of experienced partners with non-competing expertise, who are always available to assist the promoters get through, what sometimes can be life or death scenarios.

Remuneration and Motivation of Staff:
One of the biggest consumers of an entrepreneur's time is recruitment, selection, remuneration and motivation of staff. EVP will assist promoters with these aspects of human resource management and will assist with the implementation of a Share Option Scheme for employees.

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