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At EVP we provide superior levels of expertise in the following areas:
1) Finance - how to manage the finances of your company
2) Investor relations - how to proposition and communicate with investors
3) Sales - what pitch to create, how to build a team, customer contacts and more
  4) Marketing - everything from identifying and quantifying your need to promoting products and services
5) Channel - which channels to work with and on what terms
  6) Enterprise Ireland relations - what funding is available and how to approach Enterprise Ireland
7) Risk reduction for next round of funding - identify and reduce or eliminate the major risk factors that could cause investors on subsequent rounds not to invest

We provide direct funding up to 750,000 and have a range of partners that jointly invest for larger projects and subsequent rounds.

We have an unparalleled track record in all stages of growth from start-up to initial placement offering:
1) Start-Up - getting the product right, selecting your initial team and putting funding in place .. we've been there and done it
2) Growth - moving into international markets, opening offices abroad, raising subsequent rounds of finance .. we've been there and done it
3) Expansion - you've now got a legitimate business but it's culture and how it's run are different from anything you've ever experienced .. we've been there and done it

We provide knowledge and experience of all major world markets (US, Canada, UK and Asia Pacific):
  1) Interested in selling your product in the US, Canada, UK, Europe and the Far East? We've sold in all those markets
  2) Interested in selling through a distribution channel? Rules are similar but you'll benefit from our experience of dealing with different cultures and different expectations

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'At EVP, we've been there and done it'